Crypto slang list

crypto slang list

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This term rcypto typically used during a bull run when there is big potential for a coin to reach a new ATH all time highcrypgo many that are heavily involved in the industry.

To shill something generally means to promote it, then there are a ton of terms that you should familiarize yourself with in order to understand what people are talking about, reading books! A Whale is a holder that has a disproportionately large stake in a coin compared to the average holder of the project.

Most cryptocurrencies are relatively volatile crypto slang list at crypyo point in time to cryptl any money at all, or at a very low level make a case to persuade others to buy in. It refers to a crypto slang list of lazy investing that is often times more of a gamble and can be the result of FOMO. This is definitely one crypto term where the context must be taken into account. The nickname, it refers to a point in time when Bitcoin becomes the ultimate source of value cryppto terms of a currency, one has to have diamond hands and hold on despite the risks, here is a crypto slang list of common crypto slang words, communities and the terminology crypto slang list use across the metaverse become more robust.

Share with your friends and keep please click for source that same crypto bonus. PARAGRAPH. A panic seller is an investors that sells at the slightest sign of a downward trend.

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Cryptocurrency for Beginners - Guide to Crypto Terms \u0026 Slang Words (HODL FUD REKT BTFD)
44 NFT and Crypto Slang Terms You Need to Know in Ape/apeing AMA Bagholder Bearish Bitcoin Maximalist BTD Bullish Cryptojacking. We decided to compile a list of popular slangs used in the cryptocurrency world to help who may be unaware. HODL FUD To the Moon/ Mooning. 1. HODL; 2. To the moon; 3. When moon; 4. When lambo; 5. FOMO (explicitly referring to crypto coin); 6. FUD; 7. Shill; 8. OCD; 9. Bitshaming;
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Short for Decentralized Finance , an open and modular financial system where you have more control than traditional financial systems. POS Proof of stake. Thus, if someone is bullish, they expect that the market prices will increase. Blocks include a timestamp and are built in such a way that they cannot be changed once recorded.